I've always been a maker at heart -- starting as a grade-schooler with my RadioShack 200-in-1 electronic project lab. I went on to create my own circuits and circuit boards, software utilities, and other novel projects.

I enrolled at the Illinois Institute of Technology, looking to solidify my knowledge and expand my horizons.
In 2010, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and set out to continue making at the next level. 

I came across 3D printing in early 2014 and was instantly blown away the first time I watched the machine precisely build my model, layer by layer! Since that first print, I've spent countless hours printing, tweaking and tuning, becoming more knowledgeable and ever increasingly enthusiastic about the possibilities that 3D printing offers.

I want to make it as easy and affordable as possible for my fellow innovators, makers, hackers, garage tinkerers, and professionals at all levels to bring their ideas to life. INVENT3D provides an alternative to expensive and slow services. No longer is 3D printing technology reserved for large corporations with huge R&D budgets. 

Let INVENT3D handle your 3D printing needs and let's build the future together!

Bryan Kaminski
Founder & Printer-in-Chief, INVENT3D